Humble Monthly will soon be Humble Choice!

If you’d like to maximize your benefits from the change, just keep or subscribe right now! You’ll get to keep the $12 price tag of humble monthly and are guaranteed all 10 games every month!

With the past few months of Humble Monthly, the benefits have far outweighed the cost. I’m still excited to get a chance to play some friends Soul Caliber VI, and that’s just one of the new early announces.

Last month’s bundle was a great little treat with the resurrected Playstation goodies I’ve been interested to check out! Crash Bandicoot will always own a special place in gaming history…

I’m still choked I missed out on September’s bundle for MotherGunShip and Guacamelee 2, but this year has had some pretty stellar releases wind up in the humble monthly!

Sonic Mania is one of my favorites as of late, along with Moonlighter and various others.