ForTheWin is an extremely small and extremely new startup aiming at making a wide variety of games. Whether you’re extremely casual or a hardcore game, we hope to bring something to the table to pique your interest.
Team of one highly inexperienced
Non-Industry experience:
10+ years
Half a dozen (or so) games worked on
So many

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We intend to recreate an online version of the board game designed by my former classmate and an employee at Volition, Polarity. Polarity is a game of polar opposites, a well designed set of rules make for very strategic matches. We intend to bring the game onto multiple platforms with cross-platform play, giving gamers a new alternative to the classics like chess.
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No releases yet as they’re strictly all WIP for the moment, but here I’ll drop you some hints about a few of the in-progress games we’re working on at the second.

Our Son Loves Arson

He seems like a normal child during the day, but at night he sneaks out and sets fires. As his parents, you need to try and stop him. If you can’t you need to cover it up or frame a neighbour.
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Green Jello's Food Fight!

Inspired by the band Green Jello and the game I worked on @ VFS called Smart Shopper, we hope to bring you a fun yet challenging food fight for punk rock puppets. Between a killer soundtrack and fast, furious gameplay we hope that you’ll enjoy it!
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Monster Mash MMXX

A game of sociables with some of the underworld’s most socially recognizable unsociable monsters. Try not to get drunk under the table while also managing you addictions (in an odd sense of the word) and bladder! Drink along with your favorite monsters, unless you’re a minor… but I won’t know unless you’re wearing a lightcap and carrying a pickaxe…
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If springs could swear… But enough about Qbert’s influence on this game. SlinkEZ is a bump n jump turbo racing spectacular between springs on a set of unending cube (well, more specifically rhombic dodecahedron) stairs. Depending on the game mode you’ll want to take out the competition by speeding ahead and leaving them without a step to land on, pushing them into a hole or just smashing through them.
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As a small startup, we’re a team of one for the moment, but I have delegated certain stress management and motivational roles to my pets.
TJ Hooka

TJ Hooka

founder, technical lead, 25+ years of nerdin’ it up and preparing for this!
Cookie the Cat


chief executive of work
Sugar Gliders

The Gliders

right hand man-agers


Lethbridge, Alberta
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