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Welcome to Gaming with ForTheWin.

You’ve found our game-centric blog and website, but it’s a bit bare at the moment… Make sure to come back later to find out about some of the games we suggest and enjoy along with news about our upcoming projects!

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Our goal with this blog is to keep you up to date on not only our games we’re working on, but also to share with you links to bundles, games we’re anticipating, kickstarter projects we’re excited for, reviews of games we enjoy and so much more!

So please, enjoy your stay! We hope you find content that inspires, excites and intrigues you to keep coming back for more!

ForTheWin in a relatively new and very small startup aiming to make engaging, fun games that draw the player back in for another round!

From homebrew beginnings, our founder started learning about game programming and design by being a part of the GP32 homebrew scene. Helping make a handful of games for the GP32 along with maintaining some ports to the system. Inspired by the GP32/GP2X/Pandora communities, he pursued his schooling.

Pursuing his goals, he went to Medicine Hat College for Information Technology – Programming Stream. Although it wasn’t game-oriented, the programming, database and design courses were definitely applicable to his end goals. So, he headed to Vancouver Film School for Game Design. An intensive one year course, it was a blast and overwhelming at the same time. Smart Shopper was born out of the final project for the course and is probably one of my favorite, yet also most loathed of any project I have worked on to date.

Getting out of school just meant having to deal with all the debt it had incurred. So it was decided, the skills are there, it’s time to start working on some killer games!